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Indigo Powder

Indigo Powder

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Indigo Powder, derived from Indigo plants, is an organic product free from artificial colors and preservatives. This completely natural powder is primarily utilized for hair dying purposes. It can be mixed with Henna Powder to impart a darker tint to the hair. Historically, Natural Indigo Leaf Powder has been employed to conceal grey hair and promote hair growth, thanks to its deep blue pigment that naturally darkens the hair.


  • Organic and Natural: Indigo Powder is organic and devoid of artificial colors and preservatives.
  • Hair Dying: The primary use of Indigo Powder is for hair dying, providing a natural and dark color to the hair.
  • Combination with Henna: It can be mixed with Henna Powder to achieve a darker hue for the hair.
  • Grey Hair Coverage: Indigo has been traditionally used to hide grey hair, offering a natural solution.
  • Hair Growth: The deep blue pigment in Indigo is believed to promote hair growth.
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