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Harrods Health Private Limited

Honey Flavor Oi

Honey Flavor Oi

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Immerse your senses in the sweet and syrupy delight of Our Honey Flavor Oil, a culinary masterpiece crafted from natural and raw honey. This flavor oil captures the extremely sweet and rich flavors of honey, providing a versatile addition to a wide array of food items and beverages. The tastes and aromas of Natural Honey Flavored Oil evoke the essence of honey being freshly scooped out of beehives, delivering an authentic and delightful experience. The pure Honey flavoring oil leaves a smooth and rich aftertaste that gracefully melts in the mouth.


  1. Natural and Raw Honey Essence: Our Honey Flavor Oil is made from natural and raw honey, preserving its authentic essence for a true-to-nature taste.

  2. Extremely Sweet and Syrupy Flavors: Experience the intense sweetness and syrupy richness that define the flavors of this edible Honey flavoring oil.

  3. Aromas of Freshly Scooped Honey: The tastes and smells of Natural Honey Flavored Oil recreate the sensation of raw honey being freshly scooped out of beehives.

  4. Smooth and Rich Aftertaste: Indulge in the smooth and rich aftertaste of pure Honey flavoring oil, creating a delightful melting sensation in the mouth.

  5. Versatile Flavoring Essence: This food-grade honey super-strength oil seamlessly blends with a variety of natural ingredients, making it a versatile addition to numerous recipes.

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