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Honey Bomb Serum

Honey Bomb Serum

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Nature's royal honey bomb : Highly concentrated nutrient elasticity care.
Moisturizing and elasticity serum that contains propolis to give smooth elasticity and clear skin tone to the skin. Polyphenols and flavonoids, along with naturally matured, concentrated and ripe honey, provide essential nutrients to the skin to complete radiant skin.

What Makes It Different

The secret to shiny skin : Royal honey bomb

Skincare containing plenty of royal honey, which has powerful moisturizing and skin soothing effects from nature.

  • Full honey moisture
    It provides intense hydration and creates a protective film on the skin, showing a strong moisturizing effect, and nourishing the skin with a moist inner moisturizing effect without stickiness.
  • Rich honey nutrition
    Concentrated and matured honey rich in polyphenols and flavonoids supplies essential nutrients to the skin to regenerate healthy skin.
  • Non-sticky honey skin
    It enhances the nutrition and makes the skin moist without stickiness, making the skin highly nutritious without burden. 
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