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Harrods Health Private Limited

Hibiscus Powder

Hibiscus Powder

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Organic Hibiscus Powder stands as a beneficial aid for facial and skin healing. Its effectiveness against signs of aging results in the reduction of wrinkles and fine lines. The powder also plays a significant role in minimizing hyper-pigmentation, promoting an inner glow to the skin. Serving as an exfoliant, it helps remove dead skin cells and acts as a natural cleanser. Hibiscus Powder maintains its purity with a 100 percent chemical-free composition, devoid of synthetic additives.


  • Anti-Aging Properties: Effective against signs of aging, reducing wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Hyper-Pigmentation Reduction: Minimizes hyper-pigmentation, leaving the skin with a radiant glow.
  • Exfoliation: Acts as an exfoliant, aiding in the removal of dead skin cells.
  • Natural Cleanser: Functions as a natural cleanser for the skin.
  • Chemical-Free: Maintains purity with a 100 percent chemical-free composition.
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