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Harrods Health Private Limited

Green Grass Flavor Oil

Green Grass Flavor Oil

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Embrace the essence of nature with Green Grass Flavored Oil, a versatile and powerful flavoring that brings the fresh and vegetal aroma of green grass to your culinary creations. This flavor oil is carefully crafted to be suitable for food items, offering both water and oil solubility for a wide range of applications. Its liquid essence boasts remarkable potency, allowing you to infuse your recipes with the invigorating flavor of green grass, even in small quantities.


  1. Versatile Application: Suitable for a variety of food items and juices due to its water and oil solubility.

  2. Concentrated Essence: The potent and concentrated liquid essence imparts the desired flavor with minimal quantity.

  3. Sweet Twist: Features a delightful sweet twist in its green grass flavor, adding a unique dimension to your recipes.

  4. Animal Feed Enhancement: Popularly used to enhance the flavor of feeding materials for cattle, sheep, and other domestic animals.

  5. Heat Resistance: Retains aroma and taste even at extremely high temperatures, ensuring consistent quality.

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