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EL001-Pencil NBR Type 1.1

EL001-Pencil NBR Type 1.1

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The image showcases a versatile cosmetic duo featuring a black applicator with two distinct ends, one capped with a vibrant pink and the other with a soft, sponge-like tip, set against a muted background. This design highlights a multifaceted approach to makeup application, merging color application with blending capabilities in a single, convenient tool.


  • Dual-Ended Design: Offers the convenience of having two tools in one, with a color applicator on one end and a blending sponge on the other, making it perfect for creating a range of looks from subtle to bold.
  • Vibrant Pigmentation: The pink end suggests a richly pigmented formula for adding a pop of color to the lips or cheeks, providing a buildable and versatile hue.
  • Seamless Blending: The sponge tip is designed for effortless blending, ensuring a flawless finish whether you're working with cream, liquid, or powder products.
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