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Civet Essential Oil

Civet Essential Oil

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Civet Essential Oil stands out as a rare and high-quality essence, not easily found in the market. This precious oil is extracted from the glandular secretion of a specific cat known as Civet, renowned for its fascinating fragrance. The perfume industry particularly values Civet Essential Oil for its alluring scent.

Key Attributes:

  • Rare and High-Quality: Civet Essential Oil is a rarity, known for its high quality and captivating fragrance, making it a prized asset in the world of essential oils.

  • Undiluted Purity: Crafted through the process of Steam Distillation, our premium Civet Essential Oil is undiluted and free from additives, ensuring pure and authentic quality.

  • Versatile Use: Embrace the enticing aroma of Civet Essential Oil in aromatherapy, Ayurvedic treatments, soap making, and scented candles, experiencing its versatility in various applications.

  • Historical Significance: Civet Essential Oil has a rich history of being used for both mental and physical well-being, fostering creativity and serving as an effective skin treatment.

  • Seamless Blending: With its pale greenish color, Civet Essential Oil seamlessly blends with other essential oils, offering flexibility in creating unique blends.

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