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Ceramide Barrier Toner

Ceramide Barrier Toner

Ceramide care that gently and strongly soothes the skin.
An intense moisturizing toner suitable for sensitive skin and soothes skin and fills up moisture with moisturizing activator ingredients.

What Makes It Different

Ceramide care that gently and strongly soothes the skin. A mild ceramides that strengthens the sensitive and rough skin barrier and enhances the skin's basic moisturizing and regenerative power.

  • Restoring skin balance with fermented ceramides

As one of the three major components of the skin that strengthens the skin barrier, it is a skin shield that prevents moisture loss and protects the skin from external contaminants. Therefore, it keeps the skin balance healthy by moisturizing even sensitive skin.

  • Recharging hydration and intense moisturizing care

It is a high-moisturizing prescription that quickly absorbs into the skin with abundant moisture and non-sticky use, so that the skin is smooth and filled with moisture.

  • Smooth skincare with bacillus fermented extract

It quickly soothes sensitive and rough skin, and takes care of the inner, outer, and moisture texture of the skin to make it dense and smooth inside and outside.


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