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Bija & Rosemary Skin Zen Hair Serum

Bija & Rosemary Skin Zen Hair Serum

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Safe and moist hair serum
Herbal therapy hair serum that improves shine and texture by supplying nutrition and moisture to brittle and damaged hair cuticles.

What Makes It Different

Mind & Body care with rosemary and bija - Mild herb-blend body care line

  • Refresh with natural fragrance : It heals the scalp and mind with clean Jeju rosemay leaf oil and Bija tree leaf oil.
  • Provides shine and soft moisure to dry and brittle hair : It quickly forms a moisture barrier on cracked and brittle cuticles to keep hair soft and shiny.
  • A blend of 5 herbal essential oils for hydration and radiance
  • A refreshing and nourishing blend of 5 essential oils makes your hair healthy.  
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