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Benzyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol

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Benzyl Alcohol is an organic compound known for its versatility and antimicrobial properties. It is commonly used as a preservative in various industries, including pharmaceuticals and cosmetics. Here's a brief overview and its benefits:


  • Nature: A clear, colorless liquid.
  • Scent: Has a mild, pleasant aroma.
  • Antimicrobial Properties: Exhibits notable effectiveness against a range of microorganisms.
  • Applications: Widely used as a preservative in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic sectors.


  • Preservative Function: Helps in prolonging the shelf life of products by preventing the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold.
  • Safe for Use: Generally recognized as safe when used in appropriate concentrations in various formulations.
  • Enhances Product Stability: Contributes to the stability of medications, personal care items, and cosmetics.
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