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Anti-Aging Wrinkle Spot Care

Anti-Aging Wrinkle Spot Care

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Spot wrinkle corrector. Elasticity care spot cream tha tightly fills even the fine and dark wrinkles of the skin.

What Makes It Different 

Exclusive care for micro wrinkles

Spot intensive care that super-adhesive, high-density cream fills the deep and shallow wrinkles of the skin densely.

  • Cream for microwrinkles
    The high-density cream texture fills the skin wrinkles thoroughly and densely to enhance elasticity.
  • Fast anti-aging effect
    Provides faster and more immediate effect by applying ultra-fine micro-processed peptides.
  • Containing Jeju seaweed extract
    The Seaweed Complex(Ecklonia cava+Wakame+Hijiki+Sargassum+Codium fragile) found in the Jeju sea provides moisture and protection to the skin.


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