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Aniseed Oil

Aniseed Oil

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Aniseed Oil, extracted through the meticulous steam distillation of Pimpinella anisum seeds, stands as a testament to herbal excellence. Also recognized as Green Anise, this herbal essential oil emanates the distinct and delightful fragrance of black licorice. Originating from India, the clear and pure Aniseed Essential Oil is a versatile aromatic essence.


  • Licorice Symphony: Immerse yourself in the unique aroma of Aniseed Oil, reminiscent of black licorice, creating a sensory symphony.

  • Emotional Calm: Experience emotional tranquility as the constituents of Star Anise Oil work harmoniously to soothe and calm through massage, aromatherapy, or diffusion.

  • Medicinal Riches: Embrace the medicinal richness of Aniseed Essential Oil, abundant in nutrients and vitamins that contribute to holistic well-being.

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